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Deodorant History

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When was deodorant invented?

Deodorant History – The original formulation for Mum deodorant was invented 1888 by an unknown inventor from Philadelphia. Normally it was recognized as being the first product ever to prevent odor. The inventor quickly trademarked his invention and marketed it through his nurse under the name of ”Mum.” In the late 1940’s Helen Barnett Diserens joined the Mum invention team. A suggestion by a partner inspired Helen to develop an underarm deodorant based on the same principle as a new invention called the ‘ball point’ pen. This new type of deodorant applicator was tested in the U.S. in 1952 and was marketed under the name of Ban Roll-On. The first anti-perspirant aerosol deodorant was launched in 1965.


In Detail :

In 1888, the first commercial deodorant, Mum, was developed and patented by a U.S. inventor in PhiladelphiaPennsylvania, Edna Murphey.[2] The small company was bought by Bristol-Myers in 1931 and in the late 1940s, Helen Barnett Diserens developed an underarm applicator based on the newly invented ball-point pen.[8][9] In 1952, the company began marketing the product under the name Ban Roll-On.[8][9][10] The product was briefly withdrawn from the market in the U.S.,[2] but it is once again available at retailers in the U.S. under the brand Ban.[3] In the UK it is sold under the names Mum Solid and Mum Pump Spray.[2] Chattem acquired Ban deodorant brand in 1998[11] and subsequently sold it to Kao Corporation in 2000.[12]

In 1903, the first commercial antiperspirant was Everdry.[1] The modern formulation of the antiperspirant was patented by Jules Montenier on January 28, 1941.[4] This patent addressed the problem of the excessive acidity of aluminum chloride and its excessive irritation of the skin, by combining it with a soluble nitrile or a similar compound.[4] This formulation was first found in “Stopette” deodorant spray, which Time Magazine called “the best-selling deodorant of the early 1950s”.[5] “Stopette” gained its prominence as the first and long-time sponsor of the game show What’s My Line?, and was later eclipsed by many other brands as the 1941 patent expired.[citation needed]

Between 1942 and 1957 the market for deodorants increased 600 times to become a $70 million market. Deodorants were originally marketed primarily to women, but by 1957 the market had expanded to male users, and estimates were that 50% of men were using deodorants by that date. The Ban Roll-On product led the market in sales.[13]

In the early 1960s, the first aerosol antiperspirant in the marketplace was Gillette‘s Right Guard, whose brand was later sold to Henkel in 2006.[14] Aerosols were popular because they let the user dispense a spray without coming in contact with the underarm area. By the late 1960s, half of all the antiperspirants sold in the U.S. were aerosols, and continued to grow in all sales to 82% by the early 1970s. However, in the late 1970s two problems arose which greatly changed the popularity of these products. First, in 1977 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned the active ingredient used in aerosols, aluminium zirconium chemicals, due to safety concerns over long term inhalation. Second, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) limited the use of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) propellants used in aerosols due to awareness that these gases can contribute to depleting the ozone layer. As the popularity of aerosols slowly decreased, stick antiperspirants became more popular.[citation needed]


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